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Posted by Randall Ellison on November 20, 2013

Transgender Day of Remembrance is an annual memorialization of those lost due to anti-transgender violence. Many openly transgender and gender non-conforming people still face transphobia in their everyday lives.

However, Zach's courageous appearance on national television earned him the distinction of being the most controversial LGBT contestant in American Idol history. He sparked an international debate about the stigma of transgenderism in U.S. popular culture, and prompted millions of people to acknowledge the existence of gender minorities, while simultaneously garnering the attention of media-watchdog group, GLAAD.

Although efforts to combat such stigma will continue to take time, Zachary has reminded many of us what we sometimes might forget: finding truth in oneself is not always achieved through outright acceptance from others, but in the fundamental will to persevere regardless of the odds. Nobody can ever take away your strength, your dignity, or your courage to be true to you.

Below is the very inspirational video of Zachary's performance on FOX's American Idol, which originally aired on January 18, 2006.

On this very important day, our hearts and prayers are with those who still struggle with prejudice and intolerance. We must keep our voices strong to ensure that from these tragedies, our community is never truly silenced.

Please take a moment to reflect upon the loved ones we have lost and to recognize the many who survive and continue their work to make a positive impact for future generations. There is solace in knowing that together we can overcome the hatred and bigotry and improve the standard of life for all of our transgender friends and family.

With lots of glitter,

~Randall Ellison

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